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Cairns wet and dry sandblasting AND soda blasting

Dry Ice Blasting — Cleaning & blasting in Cairns, QLD
Auswide Blast Cleaning Services uses environmentally friendly blasting techniques for cleaning and surface restoration. Our mobile service is fast, safe and effective, and can help you save time and money.

We offer a number of blasting services to suit any project. We can clean everything from electric circuitry to food preparation equipment or soft timber and metal. For heavy-duty cleaning, we offer wet and dry abrasive blasting services too.

Our abrasive and non-abrasive blasting equipment will make short work of graffiti, gum, rust, mould, mildew, paint, epoxy resin and virtually any contaminate on any surface! Speak to our knowledgeable team to find out which blasting service is best for your situation.

We'll come to you anywhere in Far North Queensland and as far south as Mackay. Don't hesitate—call us today for a detailed quote on our fast, affordable and environmentally friendly service.
We deliver a number of abrasive and non-abrasive blasting services throughout Far North Queensland.
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Soda blasting is a non-abrasive, environmentally friendly cleaning method that leaves the underlying surface intact. It's perfect for softer materials, such as timber and soft metals.
We recommend abrasive sandblasting when you need a powerful clean to blast tough, hard-to-remove contaminates from hardy equipment, machinery and surfaces.
Wet blasting, otherwise known as dustless blasting, uses a combination of water, abrasive media and compressed air, leaving a smooth consistent finish on hard surfaces.